Rialto & The Fourth Film Projector

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Rialto & The Fourth Film Projector

Hold on to your hats! Later this year, Rialto VU will open its doors – a new film theatre, housed in an equally new building at the VU campus, with four auditoriums to screen our special films. Three of the four auditoriums are fully equipped, but the fourth still has no film projector... For this, we need the help of everyone valuing Rialto as a special film venue. Can we count on you?

Dreams can come true

In 1921, Anton Pieter du Mee saw a long-cherished dream come true; he opened his own cinema on the Ceintuurbaan in the Amsterdam Pijp: Rialto. For many decades, the theatre thrived.

In the early 1980s, however, its closure seemed inevitable. But then the Amsterdams Filmhuis Foundation swooped in, renovating the building and turning it into a flourishing theatre.

After years of planning and preparation, the next big dream will be realized, exactly a century after the first opening: the opening of Rialto VU. Located at De Boelelaan 1111, this brand new theatre with its four state-of-the-art auditoriums will be a great cultural addition for this part of the city.

A fourth projector

Of course, the new venue doesn't just fall from the sky; it's a dream that comes with a price. And that is where you come in! Everyone who loves and supports Rialto and who would also like to enjoy Rialto's screenings in Buitenveldert and on the Zuidas.

Especially the set-up of the projection boxes, where the film projectors are located, is a costly affair. Almost everything is ready; we just need one more projector. It costs around €35,000, an enormous amount that we are hoping to raise with your help.

Therefore this crowdfunding campaign. The whole story can really be summarized in one short sentence: Please help Rialto acquire a fourth film projector!

Would you like to donate on behalf of your company by receiving an invoice? That is also an option! Please send your (company) name, address, e-mail address, donation amount and reward (optional) to alyssa@voordekunst.nl and the invoice will be sent as soon as possible.




€10 Donate Eternal Gratitude!  - Thank you for your support. What do you receive in return? Our eternal gratitude of course! 96 donors €25 Donate It just needs a little bit of luck and you can pick up your 10 film pass  - Win a 10 film pass for the new Rialto VU. That is a total of 10 free film screenings. We will be raffling three passes, so tell all your friends! 63 donors €35 Donate Is Rialto your cup of tea? Then this cool cup is for you  - Rialto VU will not only offer great films, the venue will also include an actual café! Receive this reusable thermos cup, to be filled with a delicious hot drink at your first visit. 21 donors €50 Donate Celebrate the opening of Rialto VU with us  - Be one of the first to enjoy a wonderful afternoon or night out at Rialto VU! This reward includes 2 tickets for a regular film of your choice plus 2 drinks, to be redeemed in the first month after opening. 57 donors €60 Donate Recommended Maak kans op een Golden Ticket!  - Met z’n tweeën 3 maanden lang onbeperkt naar de film, wie wil dat nou niet?! Per 10 donaties verloten we één Golden Ticket voor twee personen waarmee je zo vaak als je wil naar de film kan in Rialto VU. 1 donor €75 Donate A True Classic: The Rialto Pin  - Do you still remember it? The famous Rialto pin! Now exclusively remade in a limited edition for the opening of Rialto VU. A real collector's item! 5 donors €100 Donate Exclusive Preview Special - See a brand new film with your guest before the official release. Including an introduction by a very special guest. Who? Just wait and see! 26 donors €250 Donate Your (company) name on the silver screen!  - Have you always dreamed of seeing your name or company on the big screen? This is your chance! We'll put your name in special opening credits for every film until the end of 2021. Now that's definitely bucket-list worthy ;–) 13 donors €500 Donate Exclusive Tour With Workshop  - Are you curious about what's going on behind the scenes of a film theatre? You will see it all during a special tour, including the projection rooms where you will start a screening yourself! 2 donors €1,000 Donate Hoofdsponsor van een zaal van Rialto VU voor 1 maand! - Gedurende één maand wordt je (bedrijfs)naam groot vermeld voor aanvang van elke film in één van de zalen als hoofdsponsor. Daarbij ontvang je 5x2 vrijkaarten voor een film naar keuze voor jezelf en/of relaties zodat je je (bedrijfs)naam kan zien shinen op het fonkelnieuwe witte doek! 1 donor No longer available €3,000 Donate The Whole Auditorium Just for You!  - Organize your own film night; for one night, the auditorium is just for you and your friends/family/colleagues, with a screening of your favourite film*. Our director Raymond Walravens will give a word of welcome. *In consultation with our programmer because of film rights. We will contact you to discuss the details. No longer available
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We zijn er bijna!

08-06-2021 | 16:12 Lieve donateurs, We zijn er bijna! Ruim een maand geleden startten we onze crowdfundingcampagne voor de filmprojector in Rialto VU. Inmiddels is er bijna € 20.000 opgehaald dankzij meer dan 250 (!) fantastische donateurs. Met nog 7 dagen op de teller, hebben we nog iets meer dan € 8.000 nodig om de donaties ook echt te kunnen verzilveren: dan halen we de 80%-grens. Dit moet lukken!  Hoe geweldig zou het zijn als we straks met zijn allen kunnen genieten van de films op de nieuwe locatie? Wil jij ons helpen met dit laatste zetje? Deel dan vooral de campagne nog één keertje! Doneren kan nog tot en met dinsdag 15 juni om 23:59 uur. Groet, Rialto
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