Rialto is een filmtheater in de Amsterdamse Pijp. 362 dagen per jaar geopend voor Europese en niet-westerse films, klassiekers en specials. 

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Rialto & The Fourth Film Projector Hold on to your hats! Later this year, Rialto VU will open its doors – a new film theatre, housed in an equally new building at the VU campus, with four auditoriums to screen our special films. Three of the four auditoriums are fully equipped, but the fourth still has no film projector... For this, we need the help of everyone valuing Rialto as a special film venue. Can we count on you? Dreams can come true In 1921, Anton Pieter du Mee saw a long-cherished dream come true; he opened his own cinema on the Ceintuurbaan in the Amsterdam Pijp: Rialto. For many decades, the theatre thrived. In the early 1980s, however, its closure seemed inevitable. But then the Amsterdams Filmhuis Foundation swooped in, renovating the building and turning it into a flourishing theatre. After years of planning and preparation, the next big dream will be realized, exactly a century after the first opening: the opening of Rialto VU. Located at De Boelelaan 1111, this brand new theatre with its four state-of-the-art auditoriums will be a great cultural addition for this part of the city. A fourth projector Of course, the new venue doesn't just fall from the sky; it's a dream that comes with a price. And that is where you come in! Everyone who loves and supports Rialto and who would also like to enjoy Rialto's screenings in Buitenveldert and on the Zuidas. Especially the set-up of the projection boxes, where the film projectors are located, is a costly affair. Almost everything is ready; we just need one more projector. It costs around €35,000, an enormous amount that we are hoping to raise with your help. Therefore this crowdfunding campaign. The whole story can really be summarized in one short sentence: Please help Rialto acquire a fourth film projector! Would you like to donate on behalf of your company by receiving an invoice? That is also an option! Please send your (company) name, address, e-mail address, donation amount and reward (optional) to alyssa@voordekunst.nl and the invoice will be sent as soon as possible.      
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15-06-2021 | 23:57 To: Rialto & The Fourth Film Projector